Mixxx [FREE Digital Djin’ solution]…

is the program I used to discover how to digital djin’ and beatmatch properly. It has realy evolved since I start usin’ it, and his approach is realy similar to casual DJing (understand that you have to beatmatch the track , and the only sync you’ll have is a basic BPM sync buttton) That’s one of the reason why it is realy “educationnal” and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to put a step in DJin’ or mixtapes recording… And moreover : It’s FREE and OPENSOURCE!

Download it for :

This program has some strong and handy features as:

  • A midi learning tool + 30 CONTROLLER MAPPING SUPPORTED
  • Multiples hotcues(more than 8…if you know what I mean),
  • Loops(of any lenght you need),
  • 4 sampleslots,
  • A powerfull library(in 1.11, there will be some huge improvements as conditionnal search…)
  • It’s skinable(in a realy deeper way than VDJ)
  • It supports different kinds of timecode DVs (Serato, Traktor)
  • Easy Shoutcast,
  • Mic Input,
  • And it constantly evolves…

It is simply the best FREE solution to digital DJing…

Moreover, there’s a strong and reactive community, it is multiplatform and a lot of digital dj on Linux uses it!

Check it and give it a try !!! It truely disserves it!


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