Genre Classification : The Endless problem

All the genres/A f***ing nightmare

There’s always a moment when you have a disc/files/tracks collection and you say : “man, I should organize it…”. When it comes to EDM, the genres and subgenres classification is the most efficient thing, but also a fucking nightmare :

So… The question is… How can we manage/handle this?

There’s no perfect way, but here’s what I do :

I massively tag the files using a combination of three tags from the classification (she’s not perfect, I often had another genre, like “krautrock” genre, or the infamous “Nu” style… but it works most of the time…).

Here are the tags I use day by day :

I start with a genre tag (one per track) :

Techno Electro House Trance
Disco Funk Soul R & B
Breaks Dubstep Broken Drum & Bass
Hip-Hop Glitch Garage Scratch
Electronica Downbeat Ambient Noise
World Reggae Jazz Rock
Crossover Mash-up Eclectic Verbal

And I had styles tag (2 tags per track)…

Deep Balearic Future Anthem
New Cosmic Tribal Prog
Dark Hard Bit Dub
Urban Jazzy Funky Hardcore
Classic Abstract Retro Minimal
Dirty Latin Afro Punk

This means you can tag a track as a Deep/House/Anthem or Dub/Techno or even Dirty/Noise/Garage… Or any combination that suits you… The advantage is that you can search only one of those terms and see what your player shows you ;). Of course, if only one tag is needed, like a rooted house track, or a techno standard, I tag the file only one time…

Hope it helps.

And you, how do you do you tag your tracks ?


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