Electronic music genres [theory]

All the genres/A f***ing nightmare

I already told you about the inferno that might be the classification of various electronic music genres…
You can navigate again and again, search, and you’ll see that it’s a neverending quest, and it’s normal, new genres will appear every week, and sometimes, you’ll see just a little bunch of artists claiming to play this genre.

To avoid this, here are the two possibility I advice you to explore :

The infamous wikipedia summary of EDM genres : nothing to say, the description explains itself

The Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music : Hosted on techno.org, sponsored by Digital Imported, you’ll find here a mindmap of dancing music genres. There won’t be the latest genres (dubstep isn’t here… nevermind, you know what it is…), but it’s fun and educationnal, and there’s a few tracks streaming for each genres.


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