Xone K2 – Controlerist Mapping

As I saw Allen & Heath’s Xone K2’s characteristics, I felt in love with it. A professional midi controller, with an A&H’s inboard soundcard, and a huge amount of possibility linked to their latching layer system…

A dream controller wich came true since I bought it three weeks ago. And guess what? I made a mapping for it šŸ˜‰

You’ll find all the features and the manual in his dedicated controler section there.

Of course, feedback is welcome.

Enjoy and show love!!!


2 thoughts on “Xone K2 – Controlerist Mapping

    1. The loop recorder is the “fifth” deck you have in traktor (in the top middle part of the screen)… It records the main output on 4, 8, 16 or 32 steps. While you press the encoder, it records the loop (and it can overdub and undo/redo). Then you can control dry/wet (when dry is at max, you hear only the loop recorded and all the decks are muted).
      I’ve planed to do a video to describe the mapping’s features, but I wait traktor 2.6 release to make some major updates before I record a video walkthrought.

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