Cold Machine Vol. 04 : Psaumes Mécaniques [DJmx/LiveAct : Deep/Dub/Dark/Hard Techno Mechanoïd Prier]

Here’s a new mixtape for the Cold Machine Serie made with my new XoneK2 mapping.
It’s focused on Dub Techno and Hard and Dark Techno stuff.

In there you can find Hecrom’s Material and kplz rec.’s stuff.

Here’s the playlist :

Sample from Submerged – Death Sentence Before Fire I Was Against Other People [Ohm Resistance]
01 Kangding Ray – The Oven (Kangding Ray Remix) Violetshaped Remixes (Part One) [Clone Records]
Sample from The Audiologist – An Abstract Trek We Are One [Section 27]
02 Forward Strategy Group – Cultivar Labour Division [Perc Trax]
03 Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition Too Far Dettmann’s Definitions [Delsin Records]
04 Sawf – Sfika (Locked Dub) Flaws Remixed [Perc Trax]
05 Djorvin Clain – Intro Pattern Of Thought [Silent Season]
06 Delta Funktionen – Onkalo Traces [Delsin Records]
07 Umek – A2 Zeta Reticula E.P. 1 [Electrix Records]
08 Bitcrush – colder In Distance [n5MD]
09 – Seven Days Warning … At The End Of It All [Tympanik Audio]
10 Claro Intelecto – Control Reform Club [Delsin Records]
11 Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks To X Temporary Suspension [Ostgut Ton]
12 Kangding Ray – Thar Monad XI [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
13 Reed Refucher – Dive Tone [Section 27]
14 Pearls For Swines – God Save The Glitch Sectioned v2.0 [Section 27]
Sample From Daft Punk – Technologic Human After All [Virgin]
15 Alva Noto – uni syc Univrs [Raster Noton]
16 Mick Finesse – They Sex Machinas (Perc Remix) Tunnel Vision [Perc Trax]
17 Roman Serde & Milan Kobar – Acid Path UNRELEASED [KPLZ Records]
18 Peter Van Hoesen – Inspection In Solitude Perceiver [Time To Express]
19 Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozz – Elektra Return to the Center [Time To Express]
20 Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1 – Immortals Zoran’s Equation [Funkwelten]
21 Neptunian8 – Exhaust Scyphozoa [Formik]
22 Salem – Traxx King Night [IAmSound Records]
23 Hecrom – Andromeda Apophis [Zimmer]
24 Darko Esser – Slightly Disturbed Slightly Disturbed [Balans Records]
25 Lee Burton – One Busy Days For Fools [Klik Records]
26 Oyaarss – Nenosaukta tukša elpa Bads [Ad Noiseam]
27 Access To Arasaka – setvector void(); [Tympanik Audio]
28 Violetshaped – Delusory Parasitosis (Vatican Shadow Remix) Violetshaped Remixes (Part One) [Clone Records]
29 Carter Tutti Void – V2 Transverse [Mute]
30 Karsten Pflum – Nud Mining No Noia My Love [Hymen Records]
31 Miss Kittin & The Hacker – L’homme dans l’ombre First Album [International Deejay Gigolo Records]


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