Just Friday’s Traktor Mapping Guide : [Introduction] Why making your own mapping ?

I’ll publish a mapping guide in the coming weeks (months : It’ll be a huge one…).
This guide won’t be something that will learn you how to map basic controls in traktor pro and draw a mapping that mimic your djshapped midi controler. It will helps you, with a few meaningfull exemples, on the way to map your own mindblowing controllerist tools from traktor functions.

In this first post, I’ll clarify  an important point :

Why (and when) do you need (or not) to do your own custom mapping ?

Reasons to not start :

  • You don’t master each function of the mapping provided by the manufacturer : Don’t try to tweak something you don’t master. Most of times, the provided mappings give you the essential functions you need to mix tracks properly. Start to master these ones before trying something different.
  • You want to map slightly the same thing the manufacturer mapping do : you’d better slightly modify this mapping. It will be easier than building a mapping from scratch.
  • Your dream mapping already exists somewhere and/or you haven’t tested existing custom mappings : you have to know that a lot of custom mappings can be found on those sites :
    • Traktor Bible : a lot of things, finished, unfinished, stable, bugged… It’s a bit messy, but as there’s a lot of things, you would perhaps find something wich suits you.
    • maps.djtechtools.com : I find this one  really really interesting… There you’ll find most of times polished mapping (especially on high rated mappings) with unique features that’ll realy boosts your performance.

Good reasons to start :

  • You start to be bored by the possibility of the mapping provided by the manufacturer.
  • Your Midi controller doesn’t have a traktor mapping provided : especially for non “dj shaped” midicontroler or controller for advanced user (i.e. Xone K2, which is made to be customised to suit your workflow).
  • You want to do something really specific and define deeper your workflow.
  • You want to do thing you can’t do on TTs or CDJs : In my opinion, that’s for me the best reason to create a mapping. If you want to push up your level with only tracks spinning (no loops, no sampling, no fx), you’d better switch to a turntable or CDJ solution. If you want to do something “different”, Midi+Traktor is the key…

The intro is other… In the next episode, we’ll see the essential steps you have to follow before starting mapping your controller :

Designing your Mapping!


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