Focus : Dyl [Secrets of the Sun Recordings]

dylHere’s a very good Electronica/IDM EP I was told of by Najeem Saledzay, the Secrets of the Sun Label Manager.

And I must say he didn’t try to deceive me!
Thoughts and Science is a huge thing, made of four distinct tracks :
Cryptic is a dark IDMish track, wich open the EP with some dark vibes and a nice duby flavour,
Ianuarie continues the EP with a brighter atmosphere, and reminds me of some Tympanik Audio stuff as most atmospheric tracks.
Lumi Paralele is a kind of a variation with Ianuarie : the track seems to be a bit in the same mound at start, but his distant glitchy beats give a kind of a darker atmosphere.
– But Zena’s Tear, is definitely my favorite track of this EP. Everything in this is at its right place : the lead, the breakbeated drums, the cords… Everything gives me the feeling I like to feel while listening a good IDM track. You never know oif this track is the OST for the birth or the end of the world.

Nothing more to say than :
Go on and buy it


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