Podcast : Why Are We Here #02

1383245_230916660399467_1437711196_nI told you about the Why Are We Here project, driven by a friend of mine to create something new and pure. He asked me to do an episode for his podcast serie and honoured me to be the second podcaster for this project.

If you want to imagine the mood in wich I recorded this one, picture that : Lonely robots that replicates themselves to dance like the slowly vanishing humanity, weird scientists that search God in computers in order to live forever, and wise nanorobots launched in a rocket to faraway exoplanets…

1 Acces to Arasaka – Cyanosure [Tympanik Audio]
2 c.db.sn – Seven Days Warning (Oldschool remix by Architect) [Tympanik Audio]
3 Ryan Elliott – Stepmode [Ostgut Ton]
4 Samuli Kemppi – Less than planck [M-Rec]
5 Iori – Dial [Prologue]
6 Sigha – Untitled#2 [Hotflush Recordings]
7 Iori – Lapis 2 [Prologue]
8 Rødhåd – Energomash [Token]
9 Shadows – Distorted Images [Avian]
10 AD/S – Transversal (Sigha Remix) [Avian]
11 Samuli Kemppi – Extragalactic [M-Rec]
12 c.db.sn – A Silent Sea (Waiting For Godot remix by Erode) [Tympanik Audio]
13 Shed – That Beats Everything! [Ostgut Ton]
14 Mondkopf – Fading Rainbow (Kangding Ray remix) [In Paradisum]
15 Eatpp Kyle – Aurora [Klockworks]
16 Chateau Flight – Cosmic Race [Versatile Records]
17 Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel (Live Recording) [F Communications]
18 Gabriel Ananda – Rims And Prophet (Original Mix) [Pure]


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