Android Emulation For Music Producers

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The purpose of this tutorial is to use the Android Apps as “plugins” in a daw… All those lill’ cheap synths/groovebox/audio sketchbook can easily be recorded in a Daw and integrated way easily in your production 😉

The method :

  1. Install an android emulator,
  2. Install your audio apps,
  3. Route the audio from your emulator to your DAW

In this first part, we’ll focuse on the android emulator installation and configuration. The second step is very personal (you have to find apps that suits to your workflow) so I’m not gonna develop it. The third step will be develop in a later post.

So… Here we go!

First step : Preparation :

  1. IF YOUR ARE NOT ON WINDOWS : Download Virtualbox or upgrade it the a 4.X version : (choose the version that suits your OS the best). Virtualbox 4.X or prior version is needed to run the app properly.
  2. Download the android sdk (you’ll need it later) there :
  3. Go to, create an account, sign up and download the genymotion emulator.
  4. Install the genymotion app. (for linux you need to do a “chmod u+x on the binary to make it launchable)
  5. Run the genymotion app. 

Second Step : Configure Genymotion :

1. Launch Genymotion, an sign in (again)

2. Download the device you want to emulate (I assume you’ll take a 10’1 Tablet). TAKE THE VERSION WITH THE PLAYSTORE. It’ll be easier to download the music apps later 😉

Downloading the virtual device

3. Launch the device that has been install. You have to give the path to the android sdk in order to let the virtual device communicate with the computer (in order to use his internet connection, and so on…)

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4. Configure it as any other android device, then it’ll be ready 😉

Capture du 2013-10-14 10:15:16

Third Step : Install audio apps…

Capture du 2013-10-14 10:16:52

Capture du 2013-10-14 10:18:01

That’s all for today!!!

The next step is to use those music apps in a DAW. We’ll see it the next time 😉


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