Antic Variables

ibm_first_computerHere a kind of egoist mix I did today as I’m quiting the 20’s 😉 30’s will rock!
This is a 1h30 blend of Various genres (Acid-house, Techno, Industrial, House, IDM, Deep House, and Glitch Techno, and a few other ;)). It’s sometimes messy, and sometimes It works!
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s the tracklist :
01 Jam & Spoon Follow Me (Perc’s Metal Trance Remix)
02 D’Marc Cantu Try Me
03 Unbalance Rhythm Slave (Steffi Remix)
04 Locked Groove Do It Anyway
05 Basic Soul Unit Things Pass (original mix)
06 400PPM Lean Manufacturing
07 AX&P Joule
08 Close Wallflower (Kyle Hall Remix) [feat. Fink]
09 Basic Soul Unit Distant Lines (Original Mix)
10 D’Marc Cantu Green Bike Seat
11 A. Trebor T.F.R Pt.3
12 Audio Injection, Shifted Darker (Shifted Remix)
13 Recondite EC10
14 Alavux Uncharted Therytory (The Hidden Persuader Remix)
15 Polar Inertia Antimatter
16 Vessel Misery Is A Communicable Disease
17 Abstract Division Fierce Tension
18 Renaissance Man Supercell
19 Alpha Code Zeitgeist 0.3
20 Samuli Kemppi Last Day On Earth
21 Rolando We Will
22 The Exaltics Node#2
23 Byetone Plastic Star (Alva Noto Remix)
24 Aoki Takamasa Rhythm Variation 06
25 Aoki Takamasa Rhythm Variation 02
26 Ancient Methods Guardians Of An Eternal Bliss
27 Access To Arasaka Relay


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