3 decks 4… #03 : Etherwerks 002 ( Finland)

The “3 Decks 4…” third issue is focused on Etherwerks.
Etherwerks is a finnish label leaded by Hannu Ikola.
When you look at hannu’s pictures you might say “oh my god, that guy is tough!” When you hear his sets and releases, this first impression might be confirmed and you can imagine him as a techno killer from the north… And when you start discovering him, you realise he is the nicest guy ever, also picturing photo as a kind of a total artist.

‘Nough talk about hannu ikola. Now, lets deal with the music

Etherwerks is a great finnish techno label. The sound goes from deep and dubby sounds to dark hammering tracks.

At the moment, there’s only two releases from Etherwerks, but if you check the playlist carefully, you’ll find a very exclusive first glance (even if one track has been in a Deep Space Helsinky radioshow) from the third label release by Kitkatone (and an exclusive Woo York remix) blend with very freshly pressed sounds…

“3 Decks 4…” Podcast Serie issue will be acid Jackin’house and techno issue from leeds 🙂 Cheers!

Enjoy the mix.

Playlist : [Etherwerks Tracks : 45%]
Vesa-Matti – Pacifist (redled Remix) [Subself Records]
Kitkatone – Oppressor (Original Mix) [Etherwerks (Unreleased yet)]
Kitkatone – Oppressor (woo-york Remix) [Etherwerks (Unreleased yet)]
Kangding-Ray – Amber Decay [Raster Noton]
Hannu Ikola – Dense Matter (Original) [Etherwerks]
Energun – Just Man Original Mix [Minoritys Records]
Hannu Ikola – Pylon Triplane EP [Etherwerks]
Kitkatone – Remainder (Original Mix) [Etherwerks (Unreleased yet)]
Juho Kusti – This Gun For Hire [Deep Space Helsinki]
kangding-ray – Blank Empire [Raster Noton]
hannuikola – Dense Matter (Samuli Kemppi Remix) [Etherwerks]
George Apergis VS Alex Retsis – Minthe [Modular Expansion Records]
conforce – Last Anthem – Time Dilation EP [delsinrecords]

You can find etherwerks on :


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