Don’t Trust Human Netlabel

Those who knows me personaly know that I’m acutally stuck at home, due to health problems (my back is totaly fucked and I had to refuse a few gigs 😦 ).

The good point about it is I had the time to launch my “3 decks 4…” serie I had in mind since a long time, and is hosted from the next issue on

The other good thing is that during my sleepless painfull nights, I have digged at least three years of music, from a wide range of flavours and styles…

Don’t Trust Human is a Chicagoan Netlabel, a podcast serie and a promotional team.

Their releases are all in the “name your price” category, wich means you can pay whatever you want to download them!

I was totally blasted by their last release, Fractal Partition, by HNTSNGR, a proper techno release with a raw and dirty sound!

They also launch very interesting initiatives, such as this Lokua album, wich is full disclosured, as the artist shares the ableton librairy presets that helps building most tracks of the LP there.

Follow them, and show supports on their page.


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