“3 Decks 4…” #07 : Subself Records (UKR)

The seventh issue of the “3 decks 4…” marks a come-back in Ukraine, where the serie starts initialy, with Indeks Music. This week, we’re focused on Subself Records, an Ukrainian label leaded by Vadim Griboedoff. It’ll also contains a few tracks from Subself Records’ sub-label : High Jack Records.

Those two labels provides deep and duby sounds, and let you explore the vast emptiness of your soul. I tried to capture the label spirit as best as I could, as Dub-Techno is not realy in my confort zone…

You can find Subself Records on :
Resident Advisor

Playlist : | Subself-records tracks : 86% | High Jack Records Tracks : 14 %]

William Shakespeare Sonnets (Just Friday’s on the flight audio cut-up)
Animous Expand (N.d remix) Subself Records
Emanuele Pertoldi Echelon Echo (Kaelan Remix) Subself Records
Juho Kahilainen Soitimella (Etapp Kyle Remix) Subself Records
Emanuele Pertoldi Echelon Echo Subself Records
AN:TI Music Contract vol.2 @subself-records
Michel Foucault Le Corps, lieu d’utopies
Juho Kahilainen Soitimella (Dave Miller Remix) Subself Records
Sonitus Eco Power Plant (Vadim Griboedoff remix) Subself Records
Jackname Trouble Not quite sure Subself Records
Deepad Groove Pong Subself Records
Foreign Service Institute Introduction to French Phonology, Chapter 10, Tape 2
Vesa-Matti Dismal Subself Records
Korablove Gaping Void (Wire_fish remix) High Jack Records.
Sonitus Eco Power Plant (Hannu Ikola remix) Subself Records
Korablove TB or not TB High Jack Records.
Juho Kahilainen No Undo Subself Records
Sonitus Eco Spirals In Red Ochre Subself Records


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