Angélo, Aka P4nZ3r!, is a real party animal… But it’s a bit reductive to resume his personality to that statement, even though he can be a true brother in arms in the pit.

He’s also a true musical friend, as we often shared our last musical discoveries and pickings, where other DJs try to keep their secret weapons “secret” (even if in a “shazam world”, well…the more the time goes and the algorythm become realy efficient, the less this kind of attitude remains relevant… but it’s not our topic today…).

In 2014, P4nZ3r! also turn into a stakhanovist DJ, playing regularly in the best spots in Lyon, colaborate to the “Vous y êtes!*” podcast serie, and started producing lately alongside Matheson. But morevover, he enjoys entertaining people with his dynamic sets, made of his very own techno sound, a kind of a fixture of Industrial noises, banging techno anthems and almost gaber tracks…

Check this out!!!


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