Badornament is an artist collective from Leeds, in Great Britain.

They explore different fields of arts and express themself in various way.


Spaceman, by Roya Berhl
Spaceman, by Roya Berhl


They create and provide amazing pictures, expressing the weirdness of our world on ethereal printings you can buy on their site.
As a member of the “Why are we here?” team, I found huge similarities between their aesthetic and ours…The -not so-slightly difference is that where we crawl the web to find those weird vintage pictures, badornament creates them and offers you to have them in your walls!

Skulls and Antlers, by Roya Brehl
Skulls and Antlers, by Roya Brehl


They also create other stuff as vests, jewelry and plan to do a lot more of new clothes in the future…

On the musical side, badornament is also very active Roya Berhl regularly spins with Mazewski and Peter Wallace-Armstrong and badornament create events in wich they try to merge different arts such as cooking, art exhibitions and musical performances.
Finaly they also provide sweet podcasts you can here there.

Let’s say they are quite hyperactive, and as I said before, dig into very different and yet complemantary directions!

If they don’t consider themselves -as their website moto claims it – as “the keepers at the gate of good taste”, they are definitely keepers at the gate of a certain taste you should like if you read that site 😉



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