“3 Decks 4…” #13 : Mord Records

Playlist_Mord material__50%
00011__Bas Mooy__Rage____Mord_2014
00100__Charlton__The Road to Emptiness____Mord_2013
00101__Tenrence Fixmer__The Arrival (Iori’s Reshape )____Planète Rouge_2012
01000__Yuka__Drumkot____Silent Season_2012
01001__NX1__PR 2____Planète Rouge_2014
01100__DOM1__Stench Of An Afterparty____Slap jaxx_2014
01110__Paul Birken__Funnel Fiends____Mord_2014
10001__Mario Massaro__What I Play – (Juho Kahilainen Remix)____Shapeless Records_2012
10011__Lag__Sama Doma____Mord_2013
10100__Phil Denton__Xog____[ABR005]_2014
10101__Peter Van Hoesen__Face Of Smoke – Casual Reconstruction____Time To Express_2012

Mord Records is just one year old, but is already one of the most influencial label of this first part of 2014. Since Radial’s first nuke, Charlton’s crow landed twice on the labels, and variously rythmed driven artists but all occupying a darker gravity field of the techno galaxy also contributed to the label’s EPs, as Lag, Wire and Paul Birken.
The constant flux of quality releases since july 2013 has nothing hasardous. The label is leaded of by no one else but Bas Mooy. And if he made us wait the 6th Mord’s issue to hear him releasing of an EP, Rage, Remedy and the lush was more the cherry on a cake than anything else.


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