“3 Decks 4…” #11 : AFFIN

This week I’m very proud to introduce you with one of the best label when it comes to big techno sound… Joachim Spiet’s label : AFFIN
The label counts a long list of releases since its launch… and keep on maintaining high quality exigences in terms of production
Playlist : [AFFIN’s Tracks : 59%]
1 Alex Bau Diversions (Measure Divide Remix) AFFIN
2 Arnaud Le Texier – Saw Cam Talk AFFIN
4 Marco Shuttle A1 – Fanfara The Bunker NYC (forthcoming)
5 Terence Fixmer Descente Planete rouge
6 Keith Carnal False Assumption AFFIN
7 Delko Acid Banger Propellant Music
8 Chemie Molecular Riots AFFIN
9 Roberto Contemplation Zone AFFIN
10 Antonio de Angelis Dimension 1 AFFIN
11 Arnaudl Le Texier Pstyromaniac (Mattias Fridell Remix) AFFIN
12 Samuli Kemppi Droning Techno Prologue
14 Keith Carnal Prospect AFFIN
15 Moving Thoughts – Friction Of A Mind (Invite Remix) Modular Expansion Records
16 Unam Zetineb Presage AFFIN
17 N.d. Luminar Wormhole Subself Records (forthcoming)


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