“3 decks 4…” #15 : Armatura records


This “3 decks 4…” particular issue is focused on Armatura records, a Serbian label focused on groovy techno sound since 2007. They released in the past years 36 EPs, constantly growing in quality and having more and more huge supports from great DJs…
They also keep thinking the way to improve Serbian techno scene, and the Concrete DJs (Armatura’s residents…) are constantly pushing the game forward when it comes to deliver great parties!
This set will delivers you the very best from Armatura records (60% of the tracklist…) but contains also some of my latests pickings and an exclusive looks on the latest CLFT release, which opens the mix!

You can find Armatura records on :

Tracklist : [Armatura Records Material : 59%]
1 Fundamental Interaction Amendement Exogénéité CLFT
2 A45 When The Abstract Borns The Logic Dies Son Of Bipolarism Armatura Records
3 Chris Liven A.G.W. (Audio Injection Remix) Restructured Armatura Records
4 A&S – Nucleotide Diversity EP M_Rec Ltd
5 Komputermukke Jacob Korn shtum 005 Shtum
6 Corvum Black Waters (Concrete Djz Remix) Restructured Armatura Records
7 Structural Form Amoniac Producto Infinto Armatura Records
( Drumcell, Richard Devine Varseop – (Drumcell Remix) RISP LP)
8 Peter Van Hoesen Hollow Eye Call & Response EP Time To Express
9 Mode L Attraction Unusual Materials Armatura Records
10 Snap-9A Prophetia Foneis Tou Kosmou EP Armatura Records
11 Fundamental Interaction New Ratio Exogénéité CLFTREC
12 Turgescent (Sutter Cane Remix) The 4Matters Restructured Armatura Records
13 Raphael Acohen A Deceitful Witness That Uttererth Lies Never Let The Gods Decide
14 Voidloss Moment of Total Emptiness (A. Paul’s Mondadic Remix) Moment of Total Emptiness EP
15 Perc & Truss – Van Der Valk Two Hundred Perc Traxx


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