[Geek’s corner] Sunvox tracker

A few years ago, I tried this software for fun and was really impressed by his reliability,  his power and his cross platform aptitude! I made it run personally on Nokia n900 and n810 (old devices based on linux from the early smartphone age)windows, Android, and various Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora). It also runs on mac, IOS ans even on palm PDAs!
The crazyest part of it i that you can even launch it from an USB drive without install on the computer you use…
Having bought a cheap android tablet, I rediscovered sunvox and installed it, seeing what I can do with it…
It also means there’ll soon some new posts about this particular DAW…

The learning curve is… well… CHALLENGING! So let’s see what I can do with it… But at least I’ll be able to use it on EVERY devices and computer I own 😉

You can DL Sunvox for free for MAC/PC/Linux/Maemo/PalmOS/WindowsMobile and more OS there or type sunvox in IOS store and Playstore to buy it for a few dollars, if you want to use this amazing program on our modern smartphones…



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