“3 Decks 4…” #19 : Pinkman [+Patrick Marsman Interview]

0001__Drvg Cvltvre__Dakar__Pinkman Records
0010__Creta Kano__Ice Pick____Pinkman Records
0011__Antenna__Paradise____Pinkman Records
0100__Innershades_Love Park____Pinkman__Records
0101__Roberto Auser__Never Say Never Again(Mark Du Mosch Remix)____Pinkman Records
0110__Zombie Zombie__Black Paradise____Versatile Records
0111__Innershades__Divine____Pinkman Records
1000__Unit Black Flight__Shortwave Radio Antenna Down____Giallo Disco
1001__Marquis Hawkes__Behold I Send You Out____Crème Organization
1010__Antenna__Rain And Thunder____Pinkman Records
1011__Yør__Sublimation____Purple Haze
1100__Antenna__Odessa____Pinkman Records
1101__Myriadd__House Of Babel____Pinkman Records
1110__Sean Dixon__Warehouse(Perseus Traxx remix)____Final Chapter
1111__Sean Dixon__Final Chapter____Final_Chapter

This week’s episode is focused on Pinkman Records, a Dutch label throwing since 2013 very nice releases of electro, acid house and weird disco, in the purest “Den Haag” tradition… Think Bunker, Creme or labels in that range to define Pinkman sounds and influences.

Pinkman is leaded by Mr Marsmann, and to introduce the mix, he answers to a short interview…


1 Pinkamn is almost two years old now, but I assume the process that leads you to launch the imprint was far longer… How can you shortly describe it?

—–It took me six months to set everything up. Contact with the artists, finding a record plant, distributor, someone for the artwork, mastering, promotion.. all that stuff.

2 There’s realy different artists on Pinkman, but that bunch of releases, which might have seem heteroclite on the paper, works together really well. How do you succeed in creating a strong identity with artists that are soo different?

—–Well i didn’t thought about that too much with Pinkman. It’s just basically my own music taste haha, and that’s pretty versatile.

3 You just launched Charlois, Pinkman’s sublabel… Why did you find it necessary? What is the purpose of Charlois, compared with what you accomplished with Pinkman?
—–I just had the feeling i needed to do it. With Charlois i can walk a different path when it comes to artwork for example. But the most important thing, the music. The sound of Pinkman is going to be darker next year, focussing more on the techno/house/wave side of electronic music. Music released on Charlois will be more in the disco/electro corner i guess.

4 What are your upcoming projects ?
—–Just keep on doing what i do. Continue with both the labels. Doing parties, making a monthly radioshow on Intergalactic FM. And off course dj’ing. Next to that we’re going to give away a free digital compilation on Souncloud really soon. So people should follow the Pinkman sound cloud if they don’t want to miss out on this.

5 There’s a strong and very particular identity in the Dutch scene, when it comes to techno and house… Pinkman’s releases immediately ring a bell for Delsin’s or Creme’s lovers… How can you explain the fact that some of the bests labels in the genre you dig are from “Den Haag”‘s neighbourhood?
—–Well for me my musical education really started when i discovered Intergalactic FM. So yeah, all these labels like Viewlexx, Creme and Bunker connected to that was for me the biggest inspiration to start my own label. But also younger labels like Midlight, Bio Rhythm, BAKK and Bordello A Parigi always inspire me to just keep on doing what i do.

6 What is your 5 latest heart crushes? What is your 5 Pinkman’s favorite tracks?

1. VERNON FELICITY – FLATLIFE (upcoming midlight)
2. Roberto Auser – Freeway (upcoming Ausland)
3. Cetu Javu – Por Que (Julius Edit) | (upcoming Bordello A Parigi)
4. Antenna – Lake Of X (unreleased)
5. DJ Overdose – Errorless Computer (upcoming Viewlexx)


1. Annanan – Antagonism (upcoming Pinkman)
2. Reckonwrong – Morton (upcoming Pinkman)
3. Drvg Cvltvre – Sleepdealer (upcoming Pinkman)
4. Timothy J. Fairplay – Night Witch (upcoming Charlois)
5. Dollkraut – Loose Ends (Charlois)


1 Drvg Cvltvre Dakar Pinkman Records
2 Creta Kano Ice Pick Pinkman Records
3 Antenna Paradise Pinkman Records
4 Innershades Love Park Pinkman Records
5 Roberto Auser Never Say Never Again ( Mark Du Mosch Remix) Pinkman Records
6 Zombie Zombie Black Paradise Versatile Records
7 Innershades Divine Pinkman Records
8 Unit Black Flight Shortwave Radio Antenna Down Giallo Disco
9 Marquis Hawkes Behold I Send You Out Crème Organization
10 Antenna Rain And Thunder Pinkman Records
11 Yør Sublimation Purple Haze
12 Antenna Odessa Pinkman Records
13 Myriadd House Of Babel Pinkman Records
14 Sean Dixon Warehouse (Perseus Traxx remix) Final Chapter
15 Sean Dixon Final Chapter Final Chapter


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