“3 Decks 4…”


3D4“One of the most interesting podcast series lately” Hannu Ikola, Etherwerks

The “3 decks 4…” is a podcast serie is a podcast serie focused on a particular label at each episode  focuses each episode on a label I love, and for wich I try to provide a mix made at least of 50% of the label’s tracks, trying to capture the spirit of the label..
Since Episode 18, most of the mixes comes along with an interview from the owner of the label the mix is dedicated to.

Supports/likes on the podcast episodes : Allen and Heath Xone, Absent, Antenna, Antoine Caesar, Armatura Records, Bas Mooy, , Cannibal radio, Creta Kano, D’marc Cantu, Dann Goblinn, Dave Miller, Dimitar D., Don’t Trust Humans, Electric Pressure Records, Elixion Records, Emanuele Pertoldi, Energun, Feudo, Feyzer, Fundamental Interaction, George Apergis, Gynoid Audio, Hannu Ikola, hipodrome-of-music, HNTSGR, Jackname Trouble, John Ramonas, Juho Kusti, Korablove, Lex Gorecore, Luigi Tozzy, Milan Kobar, Modeo, Monomood, Myles Serge, ND. Flux, Nellman, Owen Ni, Perseus Traxx, Phil Denton, Philippe Petit, Pinkman Records, SNKLS, Sonitus Eco, Subself Records, Subvers, Syrob, systems303, Tdel, Tosi, Tracklistings2-0, Ttinga, UVB, Vadim Griboedoff, Vesa-Matti, Worker/Parasite, Yellow Bursts and many many more!

Already Published :
#01 : Indeks Music (IM podcast 043) (UKR)
#02 : Modular Expansion Records (GRE)
#03 : Etherwerks (FIN)
#04 : Future Flash (UK)
#05 : Knotweed/Decision Making Theory (FR)
#06 : Killer Crossover (Japan)
#07 : Subself Records (UKR)
#08 : Minoritys Records (FR)
#09 : Energun Records (BLR)
#10 : Slap Jaxx Music (USA)
#11 : affin (GER)
#12 : Säure Music Group
#13 : Mord (NL)
#14 : F.O.S ( HUN)
#15 : Armatura Records(SRB)
#16 : Gynoid (AUS)
#17 : Shapeless records (IT)
#18 : Don’t Trust Humans (USA) [+ Adam ITW]
#19 : Pinkman (NL) [+Marsman ITW]
#20 : Tapeface (NL) [+Tapage ITW]
#21 : Aconito Records (UK) [+nAx_Acid ITW]
#22 : Time To Express (NL)
#23 : The Bunker NYC (USA) [+Bryan Kasenic ITW]
#24 : Vizion Division (FR) [+Trysh Alexander ITW-Soon]

Scheduled :
“3 Decks 4…” #25 : Silent Season (CA)
“3 Decks 4…” #26 : CLFT (FR)
“3 Decks 4…” #27 : Abstract Animal (GER)
“3 Decks 4…” #28 : French Techno and Experimental label (FR)
“3 Decks 4…” #29 : Fine crossgenres netlabel (ARG)
“3 Decks 4…” #30 : Portuguese Techno label (PRT)


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