“3 Decks 4…” #25 : Silent Season [+Jamie McCue Interview]

Playlist [Silent Season Tracks 75%] | Hardware : MFB522+Zaquencer+Patchblocks
00001__Segue__Parchment____Silent Season
00010__Shaded Explorer__Rainfall____Silent Season
00011__Yuka__First Zoom____Silent Season
00100__Seraphim Rytm__Sutra____Silent Season
00101__Yuka__Umrao is Waiting____Silent Season
00110__Martin Schulte__Winter Sun____Silent Season
00111__Ohrwert__Veluwe____Silent Season
01000__Shaded Explorer__Pacific Island____Silent Season
01001__Juho Kahilainen__Soitimella____Subself Records
01010__Mind Over Midi__Soften by Rainfall____Silent Season
01011__Segue__Snow Dub__Silent Season
01100__Seraphim Rytm__Kalinovik____Silent Season
01101__Christian Loeffler__Feelharmonia feat. Gry____Ki Records
01110__Zzzzra__La Savate____Deepindub
01111__Mr. Cloudy__Lumen____Silent Season
10000__Djorvin Clain__Kajimeara____Silent Season
10001__ASC__The Machinery Of Night____Silent Season
10010__Adam Michalak__Shadowy Horizon____Silent Season
10011__Mindspan__Co-Axial 1 (Original Mix)____Covert Operations
10100__Segue Ocean____Silent Season
10101__Hotel Neon__The Eye’s Mind____Home Normal

This week, I recorded a mix focused on a label that needs no introduction : Silent Season.
This mix blends Silent Season’s tracks alongside some from other labels, on wich I added DIY synth (patchblocks) and drum machine (MFB522) jamming.
And as a cherry on the cake, Jamie McCue, Silent Season’s gave us a short interview to come alongside the mix!

1. The label turned eight this year. How are you explaining Silent Season’s longevity? During all these years, were they highs and lows?

Silent Season’s longevity comes from not being in a hurry to achieve anything. It’s a slow and steady progress to release the deepest quality music with a family of artists from around the world.

The high is living life everyday and the low is waiting for new releases to come available.
2. How might you define Silent Season purpose and sound to somebody who never heard any sounds of it ?

Silent Season aims to be open minded and diverse in sounds. From ambient to techno people can find something they connect within the catalog.
3. What defines the silent season’s releases? Is there a thing in common between those different and numerous LPs and EPs?

Deep ethereal and atmospheric sounds permeate all Silent Season releases. Some music is best suited for vinyl, some for CD, some for digital, but regardless it is all of the high quality.
4. You use recycled materials for your packaging and the nature is a central theme of the Silent Season mythology. Is it something that also mark your life, something that counts beyond musical and aesthetically purposes?

Life should be lived by leaving the smallest foot print possible while on this earth. We can long longer burden Mother Nature with our disregard for the environment therefore we must do what we can to minimize our impact.

5. What is this tree?

The Silent Season tree is an old growth Maple. The bigleaf or broadleaf Maple, is native to Vancouver Island and the coastal mainland of BC.
6. There were during the last years a kind of recognition for techno music. Did you also see a growing love also for the deeper and dubbier niche Silent Season belongs to?

There will always be a desire for deep music, be it ambient, techno or dubbier variations, Silent Season aims to bridge the gaps between these sounds and the create the emotions that go along with them.

7. Can you tell us what are the three most important Silent Season releases for you?

Probably Ohwert – Yesteryear for being the first physical CD release. The Full Circle 12” compilation for kicking off the vinyl series. And Rasmus Hedlund SS01 for believing in the vision and contributing our first release.

8. What is your five favorite tracks these days?

Sonitus Eco – Offshore Lights
Seraphim Rytm – Aeterna
Purl – Stillpoint
Martin Nonstatic – Melting Points
Refracted – Enter The Jungle


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