“3 Decks 4” #27 : Abstract Animals [+Monomood Interview]

Capture du 2015-06-08 03:08:12This week, we come back after a long hiatus due to some personal and professional reasons.
The label showcased today is Abstract Animal, Monomood’s label.
Alongside my usual Mix’n’live session, he answered to these questions in a no bullshit way…

1. I discovered your work as a producer as a dub-techno producer, but for abstract animal, you release really harder stuff. How do you explain this dichotomy?

Well I have to go into more detail to explain this. When I grew up in the 90’s and started to discover serious electronic music everything was about that energetic techno sound from the likes of Thomas Schumacher, Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Surgeon and so on. Then during the early 2000’s this aweful minimal hype came up and killed all the energy. Techno was dead. So I was looking for something with a similar energy and discovered Drum & Bass which brought back the euphoric vibes of the early days. I kept playing this for approximately 5-6 years until the end of the 200’s techno began to raise again, started to sound like back in the old days. D&B began to bore me at this time as the sound wasn’t evolving anymore and I was again looking for a new contrast and re-discovered the slowness and spacy atmosphere of dub techno. Now I started producing this stuff and felt quite comfortable with it. But my musical taste keeps constantly changing and I am loving to raise some energy on the dancefloor. So my sound evolved to a little harder and more energetic feel. But it isn’t keeping standing still. At the moment I am deeply into more melodic and chord driven acid – rave music whatever… 😉

2. What are your main influences? How do you work as a producer?

Most of my influences come from rave and techno stuff from the 90’s. I still want to transform this kind of sound into a modern shape. New hardware can be quite inspiring too. When it comes to producing I am always feeling that I am not really a musician but more a draftsman. You have so many opportunities in sound, efx, machines and putting them together to create something that is more that the sum of its parts feels like an act of architecture – I love to see tracks evolving.

3. Abstract Animal as its very own pointed shaped animal covers. Where does the idea come?

Well I am very close to nature and love all animals. This leads me to the point where I have some sort of critical view on mankind. For me humans are only an abstraction of animal lifeforms. And my label delivers the soundtrack for them when they go out at the weekend…;) BTW: since the ANIMAL009 I decided to change the artwork but it still keeps the theme of abstract animals.

4. How do you select the artist that fit on the label? How can you define the general aesthetics of abstract animal?

To keep it short: If I would play it during my DJ sets, it’s perfect for abstract animal. The situation at the moment is quite depressing. I get loads of demos every week mostly from Italian guys and it is so frustrating. 95% of all tracks are just a heavy bassdrum, some percussion and a more or less drone sound on top. No remarkable elements, no character, no individuality. It sounds as everyone is just copying some sort of berghain sound but without reaching at least the quality. I am looking for something with recognition value that makes the audience on the floor go mad. That can be a chord, a vocal or something totally different.

5. What are your future project as an artist and as a label manager?

I’m just home from my first live show at Tresor this morning. It worked quite well and it looks like as if will continue to play live. As I mentioned earlier I have no clue what my sound will be next year it keeps constantly developing. But I’m pretty shure that it will be techno in some way 😉 For the label I have the plan to set up a new special vinyl series. I have some good artists from france and germany in the pipeline who are sharing the same approach to music like me. Besides that there are some other digital and regular vinyl releases about to hit the shops until end of the year.

6. What are your actual five favorites artists? Why?

Modeselektor. Not much left to say about these guys. Versatile style, top notch production skills and a refreshing sense of humor. Most techno artists taking themselfes way too much serious.
Chambray: I love the whole Ultramajic sound. It is so bracing different from the mishmash mentioned above. Chambray sucessfully combines house, Chicago Jack and Techno…
Alexander Kowalski. One of the few artists from the old days who managed to transform his sound into the present. Always some chords and cool melodys in his tracks. Awesome!
Benjamin Damage: Too bad that he is not releasing so much but every track he makes is a dancefloor filler. He did a really cool abum on 50 weapons
Smoove & Turrell. Both together and with their solo projects the are bringing old skool funk into a modern shape. Turrell has this magic voice that catches you from the very first tone.

Thanks a lot Jens!

Tracklist :
Rasmus Hedlund – Quarterpounder [Etherwerks] [Forthcoming]
Leghau  – Tension (Monomood Basement Rave Remix Remix) [Abstract Animal]
MTD – Ritual [Abstract Animal]
UZB – Fast forward [Abstract Animal]
Max Durante – Kreuzberg [Sonic Groove]
Alchemyst – Lucy (Moerbeck Remix) [Abstract Animal]
Marco Bruno – way of dub(monomood remix) [Abstract Animal] [Forthcoming]
Monomood – Dominate (Jacob Stoy –  remix) [Abstract Animal]
Monomood – Share Some Light (Henning Baer Remix) [Abstract Animal]
UZB – Shift [Abstract Animal]
Albert van Abbe – Rytumtraks_0020.2 [No Comment_0008]
Max_M – Exceeding Brightness [M_Rec Ltd]
Leghau – Undo [Abstract Animal] [Forthcoming]
Leghau – Beep Modd [Abstract Animal] [Forthcoming]


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